There’s Something About Peterborough!

Maybe it’s something in our waters, but this community is an exceptionally caring and generous one.

That’s why we – the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough- are dedicating the month of November to celebrating the impact and spirit of philanthropy and you are invited!

Read on or click here for four ways to ‘phil’ your November.

In 2008, when the Canadian economy was entering a distressing downturn, our community rallied. In that year alone, according to census data, 17,950 people in our community gave charitable gifts—and those gifts added up to $32.9 million. Wow!  The percentage of people who gave in Peterborough that year was higher than both the provincial and national averages. Without a doubt, the quality of life here is strong. And it is our privilege to foster the further growth of this environment and of this way of life.

Why attend the Creative Cocktail on November 5th? This is the night to launch Philanthropy Month. It includes informal networking, inspiring speakers, a new downtown venue, fabulous food from a variety of local vendors, and a chance to get to know the good people of Peterborough. Free and open to the public! Learn more and register here.

Wondering about the November 15th Philanthropy Forum? Last year’s Forum brought together 120 non-profit professionals from over 80 organizations in our community. Are you thirsty for a day of interactive sessions, networking and a celebration of philanthropy in Peterborough? You’ll gain valuable, practical, professional advice regarding non-profit storytelling, strategic partnership development, social media strategies and more. Learn more and register here.

Another free event with networking, cocktails and inspiring speakers? That’s right! Celebrate National Philanthropy Day and the essence of the Canadian identity with us. Last year, over 100 professionals from various sectors including government, non-profit and private business took part in this celebration. Learn more and register here.

The celebrations will not end with November. Bookmark the CFGP blog because we will be highlighting the good work and impact of community givers here- individuals, non-profits and businesses who are working to make Peterborough a more vibrant place to live, work and play. This blog will tell the story of the people our Governor General, David Johnston refers to: people working to ensure that every individual in our community can succeed, contribute and develop their talents to their fullest potential.

See you soon and Happy Philanthropy Month!


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