Snow Day with Kawartha Heritage Conservancy

At the Community Foundation, we manage a variety of philanthropic funds, including several for local organizations. One of these funds is theKawartha Heritage Conservancy (KHC) Stewardship Fund. This is a permanent endowment fund supporting KHC’s programs to acquire and steward significant natural and cultural lands in the region.

KHC’s mission is to preserve a deeply interconnected, highly delicate, natural system that supports an abundance of life indigenous to the area. They provide opportunities for people to get involved and contribute to preserving the natural landscape of the Kawarthas through a variety of mechanisms including:

Events: The Snow Day at South Pond Farms on February 9th is an example of how KHC works to connect people to the land.

Land Trusts: By donating a part or all of your land for conservation purposes, or establishing a mutually beneficial legal conservation agreement for your land with the help of the KHC team, you can play an important role in building the network of land that is protected in our region, and you can take advantage of federal and provincial tax benefits.

Charitable Support: KHC receives grants from various organizations (including the Community Foundation!) as well as contributions from individuals. This helps support education and stewardship initiatives, acquire key properties and care for the land.

By creating these avenues to contribute to a common cause, KHC is constantly bringing people together with the ultimate goal of fostering a sense of belonging and strengthening the community as a whole.


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