A Twitter contest to put you in the mood for June 3rd

How do you make an exciting event even more exciting?

On June 3rd, we are hosting our annual Community Celebration at the Silver Bean Café and announcing some of our 2013 grant recipients.

Since social media has been a big part of the Community Foundation’s fruitful year, we thought a Twitter Tweet Off would make June 3rd that much more special!

To participate, visit us on Twitter @cfgp_ and answer our daily questions using the hashtag #cfgpStories.

Don’t know the answers?

No problem! They are all based on our 2012 Highlights Report, which can be found on at http://cfgp.ca/ or by clicking here

The winning PeterTweeters (and their Twitter handles) will receive special accolades at the Community Celebration on June 3rd AND a seat at the inaugural CFGP “Patio with a Purpose”.

The Tweet Off begins on May 22nd and closes on June 3rd, so let the tweeting begin!


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