We know you have talent Peterborough…

Well friends, we may not be Hollywood bound, but we certainly gave it our best. Two of our staff have had a go at the community idol search that is happening coast to coast this summer. In case you missed it, Canada’s community foundations are producing their first national advertising campaign that will show Canadians how our communities make us who we are. We know that Peterborough is filled with community champions and we can’t wait to see your auditions!

We’re conducting a nationwide talent search to find people that care as deeply about their community as we do to star in our first radio and TV campaign. Interested in auditioning? It’s easy! All of the details are available here: http://cfc-fcc.ca/talentsearch/ Once you audition, be sure to let us know so that we can share your audition with our community.

You can check out the auditions from our staff either on the main page, or on our own CFGP YouTube channel. We will at least make you smile!



Every dreamed of being a star?

Canada’s community foundations have launched a nationwide talent search for local champions to star in our movement’s first advertising campaign. For more than 90 years, community foundations have been supporting communities large and small, from coast to coast. Together, Canada’s 191 community foundations hold over $3.5 billion in assets, serve more than 80 per cent of the nation’s population and play a crucial role in how people give back to their communities. We’re excited to tell that story!

We are encouraging Peterborough residents who embody the spirit of our community to audition! We are looking for people who love their community and the spotlight to come forward and be part of our campaign. No singing is required! This is a spoke word piece. Auditions are via YouTube with a deadline of August 31, 2013.

Learn more: http://www.communityfoundations.ca/talentsearch/