4th Annual Philanthropy Forum– in like a lion, out with a bang!


Our fourth annual Philanthropy Forum was a jam-packed day. More than 125 people, who work or volunteer in the non-profit sector (or both!), joined us for a day of networking, learning, and celebration.

Our day started off right with keynote speaker Dave Meslin, a Toronto-based activist, journalist, and “professional rabble-rouser.” Meslin not only elicited much-needed early morning laughs but also shared his profound ideas about citizen engagement, public space, and how non-profits can run a winning campaign.

Throughout the day, seventeen experts from the Peterborough area and across the Province facilitated a host of workshops and discussions, covering an array of issues important to the non-profit sector. From learning how to effectively engage Board Members to using social media for fundraising, these sessions provided food-for-thought as well as useful strategies to implement in the workplace.

We were also pleased to end our Forum with something that got us up on our feet! Terri Catlin, a Kawartha-based actor, writer and entrepreneur, facilitated a lively presentation that fused improvisation techniques with workplace strategies, equipping us to deal with issues and conversations “in the moment.”

And who could forget the evening’s Creative Cocktail? With live music, a candy bar, and a photo-booth (how’s that for pizazz?), we ended the night off right by listening to four engaging stories of heart-warming philanthropic contributions everyday citizens are making to our community.

With the bar set this high, we know that the fifth annual Philanthropy Forum will be mind-blowing!


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