Let your heart be light…

The holiday season is an opportunity to reflect and look forward to what lies ahead. At the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough, we recognize that 2013’s success has been a result of the commitment, energy and support of our friends, donors and volunteers. So we wrap up 2013, with a round of applause and oodles of appreciation—for you.   

In 2013, your support enabled our Community Foundation to…

  • Release Greater Peterborough’s first Vital Signs
  • Establish funds that will forever impact our community such as the Gwen and Bill Brown Fund for the Arts
  • Engage more than 26 partners in 7 Days of Green – check out the ‘Green Dating’ videos – your face will hurt from laughing!
  • Mix, mingle and raise over $70,000 with the sold out 200+ crowd at the second annual Mayor Bennett Giving Gala
  • Present a most fabulous Philanthropy Month (our best yet in our opinion!)  that included Peterborough’s first Timeraiser.  Through the Timeraiser we invested over $8000 in the careers’ of emerging artists and raised more than 1900 hours for our community!

At the Community Foundation, we are dedicated to improving the lives of people in Peterborough through local giving, grantmaking and community leadership initiatives.  As the year comes to a close, we take this opportunity to remind our friends and neighbours that a strong community begins with you.  The opportunities are waiting.  Whether your dreams involve helping one person or dozens, our job is to help realize those dreams.  We’re ready to help you craft a strategy to make a difference in the world in the ways that matter most to you. We offer a variety of giving vehicles to help make your philanthropy more powerful.  With every choice, we focus on the administration of your giving so you can focus on the impact.

It is our hope that you will put Peterborough first by adding to your holiday list a year-end contribution to the Community Foundation. Your gift to the Foundation will support us in meeting the needs of our community. If you wish to make a donation to the Community Foundation and any of our funds and receive a 2013 tax receipt, you may do so by visiting our website (www.cfgp.ca) to make a secure online donation or by cash or cheque directly to our office.

May 2014 be a year of reflection, collaboration, and discovery. May you find new ways to get involved, become inspired and continue to make a difference in our community.

We look forward to continuing our work together throughout 2014!


Youth perspectives on the Philanthropy Forum

Two students were selected for scholarships to attend this year’s Philanthropy Forum. Here are their thoughts and insights from the day!

From Shannon, Trent University: 

When I wake up in the morning, I get out of bed for one primary reason: I like to learn.  I like knowledge for knowledge’s sake. And, I love knowledge that can be put into action for the benefit of the community.

At the Philanthropy Forum, I attended an array of workshops, met many highly involved non-profit community members, had thoughtful conversations about the changing world of philanthropy and charity, but most of all, I learned.  You couldn’t take two steps without walking into someone with a great idea, a new perspective, or a valuable lesson from their time spent in the non-profit community.

Philanthropy and charity aren’t always about money; I felt so much generosity of spirit and a deep undercurrent of hope throughout the day.

I learned something unique from each speaker and workshop facilitator I encountered. Dave Meslin, from my hometown of Toronto, talked about the multitude of ways civic engagement is necessary and can be fun, effective, and redefined by community effort.  Alasdair Hooper spoke about stewardship, and the paramount importance of a thank you to donors big and small.  Bryan Tenenhouse spoke with expertise about branding and representation, and how to best market the charitable spirit.  Casey Ready spoke extensively about differentiating between charity and social justice and identified a need for greater amounts of advocacy on behalf of marginalized groups.  Terri Catlin led a ridiculously fun improv workshop, where I got to say hi to the “president” and learned the value of living in the moment to best handle life’s unexpected surprises.

I’m graduating this year and hopefully jump-starting a career in the non-profit sector.  I look forward to utilizing everything I learned at the Philanthropy Forum from branding, to stewardship, to affective civic engagement, but most importantly, kindness. Thank you to CFGP, and everyone who attended the Forum!

From Jordyn, St. Peter’s Secondary School:

The Philanthropy Forum was an amazing experience that I was really grateful to take part in. It was inspiring to be in a room full of people who make their livings by making the world a better place. It was such a learning experience and I really hope to implement the strategies and outlooks I heard at the Forum in my own life and the organizations I am a part of now, and those I will be a part of in the future.

Dave Meslin, the keynote speaker, really inspired me with his talk of public space, in that it’s our space so we should take care of it as a community. From the workshops, I learned about the importance of giving meaningful thanks to those who support our organizations, how to help make campaigns work, and how important charities and social justice organizations really are. I was able to talk and connect with many people who gave me great advice for my future and for the fundraising I need to do for an upcoming awareness trip. The Forum also opened up a lot of opportunities for me to continue my development as a concerned youth.

I don’t know who the donor was that allowed me and another student to attend the Forum, but I’d like to thank them and everyone who made the Forum an enjoyable experience.

4th Annual Philanthropy Forum– in like a lion, out with a bang!


Our fourth annual Philanthropy Forum was a jam-packed day. More than 125 people, who work or volunteer in the non-profit sector (or both!), joined us for a day of networking, learning, and celebration.

Our day started off right with keynote speaker Dave Meslin, a Toronto-based activist, journalist, and “professional rabble-rouser.” Meslin not only elicited much-needed early morning laughs but also shared his profound ideas about citizen engagement, public space, and how non-profits can run a winning campaign.

Throughout the day, seventeen experts from the Peterborough area and across the Province facilitated a host of workshops and discussions, covering an array of issues important to the non-profit sector. From learning how to effectively engage Board Members to using social media for fundraising, these sessions provided food-for-thought as well as useful strategies to implement in the workplace.

We were also pleased to end our Forum with something that got us up on our feet! Terri Catlin, a Kawartha-based actor, writer and entrepreneur, facilitated a lively presentation that fused improvisation techniques with workplace strategies, equipping us to deal with issues and conversations “in the moment.”

And who could forget the evening’s Creative Cocktail? With live music, a candy bar, and a photo-booth (how’s that for pizazz?), we ended the night off right by listening to four engaging stories of heart-warming philanthropic contributions everyday citizens are making to our community.

With the bar set this high, we know that the fifth annual Philanthropy Forum will be mind-blowing!

Philanthropy Month is HERE!

Philanthropy Month begins

Both the City and County of Peterborough have proclaimed November 2013 to be the Month of Philanthropy, and the Community Foundation is thrilled to host a series of activities to celebrate the profound impact that philanthropy—and those people active in the philanthropic community—has made to our lives, our communities and our world.  Visit www.cfgp.ca to learn more.

A wise man once asked ‘Can anyone be a philanthropist?’ Listed below are our events that will leave you believing that the answer is most certainly YES!

November 5 – Business After Hours: Join the Community Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce as we kick off Philanthropy Month in style! Details: Tuesday, November 5, 4:00 – 6:00 pm, Ashburnham Ale House, no cost however please register in advance here.

November 14 – Philanthropy Forum: A day of interactive sessions, breakthrough thinking, networking and a celebration of philanthropy in Peterborough. Review the program and register at www.cfgp.ca/forum. Details: Thursday, November 14, Peterborough Golf & Country Club, full day program $60/person.

November 14 – Creative Cocktail: A reception and celebration will follow the Forum with a special version of Peterborough Economic Development’s bi-monthly Creative Cocktail! Details: Thursday, November 14, 6:30 – 9:30 pm, Peterborough Golf & Country Club, no cost however you must register in advance: sign me up for Creative Cocktail!

November 20 – Timeraiser: A silent art auction with a twist where guests bid volunteer time (hours), rather than money, on works of art by local emerging artists. Successful bidders donate their time to local non-profits over the year. Timeraiser artists are paid for their work, so not only are we building volunteerism but we’re also supporting emerging artists in our community!  Details: Wednesday, November 20, 6:30 – 9:30 pm, Market Hall Performing Arts, ticket price: $20, get yours here: peterborough.timeraiser.ca.

We look forward to seeing you this month!

Because knowing your community matters.

Yesterday, we released Greater Peterborough’s FIRST Vital Signs.

Vital Signs is an annual check-up conducted by the Community Foundation that measures the vitality of Greater Peterborough.

It’s a report. But not your typical report.

It’s a celebration of our community.

It’s a look into where we need to focus our efforts.

It’s a conversation starter.

It provides a comprehensive, reader-friendly look at how our community of Greater Peterborough is faring in key quality-of-life areas.

Vital Signs builds on and shares knowledge about our community so that we (we being our general community but also through our activities at the Community Foundation) are better prepared to mobilize around the issues that matter to all of us.

It is our hope that Vital Signs sparks a conversation that leads you to think about the impact that you can have within your community.

Download a copy of Greater Peterborough’s Vital Signs at www.cfgp.ca/vitalsigns 

Greater-Peterborough_Vital-Signs-2013-Front-Cover (3)

No really, tell us what you think. (You won’t be sent to your room, but you may just be sent out for dinner).

Have you heard about Vital Signs? Let us fill you in…

Greater Peterborough’s Vital Signs is a collaborative community initiative led by the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough. To be released for the first time in 2013, the Vital Signs report is an annual check-up that measures the vitality of our community. You can learn more about Vital Signs by visiting www.cfgp.ca/vitalsigns.

A VERY important part of Vital Signs is the community survey. It gives community members (that’s YOU) a chance to rate how they think Greater Peterborough (including both the City and County) is doing in a number of subject areas.

By participating in this community survey, you are letting us how you think Greater Peterborough is doing on a number of subject areas. Your voice matters! Really!

Because you’re the expert when it comes to your community.

Please take five minutes to participate in the survey – and to be entered for a chance to win dinner and a show for two (you and a guest will dine at one of our amazing local restaurants and then be wowed by the talent of some of our very own community members!)

Vital Signs Community Survey

We know you have talent Peterborough…

Well friends, we may not be Hollywood bound, but we certainly gave it our best. Two of our staff have had a go at the community idol search that is happening coast to coast this summer. In case you missed it, Canada’s community foundations are producing their first national advertising campaign that will show Canadians how our communities make us who we are. We know that Peterborough is filled with community champions and we can’t wait to see your auditions!

We’re conducting a nationwide talent search to find people that care as deeply about their community as we do to star in our first radio and TV campaign. Interested in auditioning? It’s easy! All of the details are available here: http://cfc-fcc.ca/talentsearch/ Once you audition, be sure to let us know so that we can share your audition with our community.

You can check out the auditions from our staff either on the main page, or on our own CFGP YouTube channel. We will at least make you smile!