Let your heart be light…

The holiday season is an opportunity to reflect and look forward to what lies ahead. At the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough, we recognize that 2013’s success has been a result of the commitment, energy and support of our friends, donors and volunteers. So we wrap up 2013, with a round of applause and oodles of appreciation—for you.   

In 2013, your support enabled our Community Foundation to…

  • Release Greater Peterborough’s first Vital Signs
  • Establish funds that will forever impact our community such as the Gwen and Bill Brown Fund for the Arts
  • Engage more than 26 partners in 7 Days of Green – check out the ‘Green Dating’ videos – your face will hurt from laughing!
  • Mix, mingle and raise over $70,000 with the sold out 200+ crowd at the second annual Mayor Bennett Giving Gala
  • Present a most fabulous Philanthropy Month (our best yet in our opinion!)  that included Peterborough’s first Timeraiser.  Through the Timeraiser we invested over $8000 in the careers’ of emerging artists and raised more than 1900 hours for our community!

At the Community Foundation, we are dedicated to improving the lives of people in Peterborough through local giving, grantmaking and community leadership initiatives.  As the year comes to a close, we take this opportunity to remind our friends and neighbours that a strong community begins with you.  The opportunities are waiting.  Whether your dreams involve helping one person or dozens, our job is to help realize those dreams.  We’re ready to help you craft a strategy to make a difference in the world in the ways that matter most to you. We offer a variety of giving vehicles to help make your philanthropy more powerful.  With every choice, we focus on the administration of your giving so you can focus on the impact.

It is our hope that you will put Peterborough first by adding to your holiday list a year-end contribution to the Community Foundation. Your gift to the Foundation will support us in meeting the needs of our community. If you wish to make a donation to the Community Foundation and any of our funds and receive a 2013 tax receipt, you may do so by visiting our website (www.cfgp.ca) to make a secure online donation or by cash or cheque directly to our office.

May 2014 be a year of reflection, collaboration, and discovery. May you find new ways to get involved, become inspired and continue to make a difference in our community.

We look forward to continuing our work together throughout 2014!


Every dreamed of being a star?

Canada’s community foundations have launched a nationwide talent search for local champions to star in our movement’s first advertising campaign. For more than 90 years, community foundations have been supporting communities large and small, from coast to coast. Together, Canada’s 191 community foundations hold over $3.5 billion in assets, serve more than 80 per cent of the nation’s population and play a crucial role in how people give back to their communities. We’re excited to tell that story!

We are encouraging Peterborough residents who embody the spirit of our community to audition! We are looking for people who love their community and the spotlight to come forward and be part of our campaign. No singing is required! This is a spoke word piece. Auditions are via YouTube with a deadline of August 31, 2013.

Learn more: http://www.communityfoundations.ca/talentsearch/


A Twitter contest to put you in the mood for June 3rd

How do you make an exciting event even more exciting?

On June 3rd, we are hosting our annual Community Celebration at the Silver Bean Café and announcing some of our 2013 grant recipients.

Since social media has been a big part of the Community Foundation’s fruitful year, we thought a Twitter Tweet Off would make June 3rd that much more special!

To participate, visit us on Twitter @cfgp_ and answer our daily questions using the hashtag #cfgpStories.

Don’t know the answers?

No problem! They are all based on our 2012 Highlights Report, which can be found on at http://cfgp.ca/ or by clicking here

The winning PeterTweeters (and their Twitter handles) will receive special accolades at the Community Celebration on June 3rd AND a seat at the inaugural CFGP “Patio with a Purpose”.

The Tweet Off begins on May 22nd and closes on June 3rd, so let the tweeting begin!

How much greening can possibly happen in 7 days?

We had a hunch that a community that greened together, would grow together. Our incredible partners and the positive response from the community proved that hunch to be true. Here’s a snapshot of the seeds this collaborative community initiative planted in 7 days:

Thank you to our many volunteers, partners, and supporters who made 7 Days of Green possible.

Please join us June 3rd for our Community Celebration, where we will unveil the installation of photos captured during 7 Days of Green and announce the recipients of this year’s Organizational Leadership and Innovation Grants.

Fit for a Community

DSC_9575Last spring, the YMCA of Central East Ontario was awarded a Community Foundation Organizational Leadership and Innovation grant to assist one of its essential programs. ‘Young Moms Working Out’ is designed to provide young mothers on limited incomes with a combination of fitness activities, healthy living programs and positive social interactions for improved parenting skills.

During a recent visit to our local YMCA, the Community Foundation heard several stories reminding us of the importance of inclusivity and the great heart of our community.

Did you know that the YMCA in Peterborough sees half a million visitors annually?

Perhaps most inspiring is the diverse range of people served by this community hub. The friendliness of staff and volunteers, along with an impressive range of programming allows people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, and income brackets to feel welcome.

That afternoon, we saw the impact of philanthropy in fostering a sense of belonging and community wellness: another #PtboMoment was born!

Click here for a few photos from our recent visit and read more stories here.

Look for this feature in our upcoming Annual Report.

Second Annual Mayor Bennett Giving Gala

What a night! Together, we raised over $70,000. Wow! And thank you! The proceeds from the evening will support the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough in its mission to improve the lives of people in the City and County through local giving, grant making and community development initiatives.

We would also like to express a very special thank you to our fabulous volunteers and the sponsors who generously supported the Gala. Here’s a souvenir from the night:

Reflections on Philanthropy Month

With a memorable Philanthropy Month behind us, the question we have been pondering here at the Community Foundation is this: How do we sum up a month of events and conversations that celebrate the impact of Philanthropy in our lives and our communities? If you’re like us, you might be craving a little more of Philanthropy Month, and so we include here some very special mementos to tide you over until next year.

Thank you to our many volunteers, partners, speakers, donors, participants and supporters who made Philanthropy Month possible.

Save the date. November 2013. Philanthropy Month returns!